Purchase your Shuswap Golf Trail Pass at Hyde Mountain on Mara Lake Golf Course and play 5 great courses for $249 plus tax!

Valid 7 days a week, no restrictions, fully transferable and expires in 2020.

Only available until April 1st, 2019.

Call (250) 836-4653 or email bob@hydemountain.com to purchase yours today!

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EARLY BIRD MEMBERSHIP (18 hole memberships only)

*Purchase before March 1st and receive the following:
*$100 GC
*Free Range privileges
*20% off all Proshop Merchandise

Email info@hydemountain.com or call 250.836.4653.

Membership Offers

Includes: Unlimited golf with maximum 7 day advanced booking privileges, shared use of a power cart, driving range use, guests play at a preferred rate, 20% off REGULAR PRICED Pro Shop clothing purchases. (Excludes Accessories)

Adult Single $2,000.00
Adult Couple $3,800.00
Junior $650.00

Seasonal Afternoon (after 1:00 pm)
Adult Single $1,450.00
Adult Couple $2,800.00

Shoulder Season (Excludes July and August)
Adult Single $1,450.00
Adult Couple $2,800.00

Full Season Restricted Monday through Friday (excludes weekends)
Adult Single $1,750.00
Adult Couple $3,300.00

9 Hole - Full Season
Restricted Monday to Friday (excludes weekends & holidays) $850.00
Senior Rate - Full Season
9 Hole Restricted Monday to Friday (excludes weekends & holidays) $750.00




Hole 1 – Early Bird – Par 5

Black 568
Blue 524
White 507
Red 459

A friendly tee shot on this hole. On line or just left of target marker is good. Second shot is a lay up short of the water, with fairway wood or long iron, leaving a short approach to the putting surface.

Hole 2 – Oasis – Par 4

Black 358
Blue 327
White 296
Red 271

Tee shot should favor the right side of fairway with driver or fairway wood. This will leave the best angle of approach to the green. Caution should be taken on your approach shot. Severe two level green. If pin is on lower tier do not over club. If pin is on upper tier do not under club.

Hole 3 – Calm Before the Storm – Par 3

Black 150
Blue 123
White 116
Red 92

User friendly par 3. Avoiding the tee shot that ends up long and left over the green should result in a good score. You may need it because Geronimo is next.

Hole 4 – Geronimo – Par 4

Black 466
Blue 456
White 438
Red 310

Welcome to Geronimo. Our feature hole #4. Enjoy the view. Landing area is 260 feet below the tee area. Local rule allows for only one tee shot here. If your ball is lost then the drop area on the right side of the 150 yard marker should be used. Penalty one shot. How to play the hole is as follows: Tee shot should favor the left side of fairway as your ball will kick right when it lands. Club selection for second shot should allow for one extra club due to the elevation change at the green.

Hole 5 – The Bear – Par 4

Black 380
Blue 356
White 331
Red 283

Our number one stroke hole. Tee shot should favor the right side of target pole. The average golfer should select a fairway wood from the tee. This will allow for more carry. Right and left side of fairway are played as lateral hazards (red stakes). Club selection on second shot here is important. Due to the elevation change at the green, one or possibly two extra clubs should be your choice. Better to be a bit long on this hole than short. A ball landing short will stay short.

Hole 6 – Jekyll and Hyde – Par 5

Black 492
Blue 471
White 452
Red 387

A par five where distance off the tee is not important. Do not try to cut the corner here but play a fairway wood safely down the center. Another fairway wood straight away should leave you with only a short iron or pitch to the green.

Hole 7 – Creekside – Par 4

Black 368
Blue 345
White 300
Red 278

This hole looks easy but beware. Water down the left side of the fairway and in front of the green add to the challenge of this hole. One challenge for your approach shot is if the pin position is on the front of the green. Best advice is do not be short.

Hole 8 – Big Dog – Par 4

Black 423
Blue 394
White 361
Red 340

Other than the length of this hole the challenge here is the placement of your tee shot. A long iron or utility wood is recommended. This is due to the sloped landing area (slopes away from you). Expect an extra 10 to 20 yards of roll. You do not want the ball to run through this fairway so the Driver is not recommended. Cutting the corner is also not recommended as the landing area is small and also slopes away. You will be left with a long approach shot to the green, favoring the right side of the green is wise.

Hole 9 – Serenity Now – Par 3

Black 214
Blue 188
White 159
Red 137

A tricky par 3 that should be played favoring the left side of the green no matter where the pin is placed. Any shot to the right of this green will offer a challenge you may not want. Play safe and keep left.

Hole 10 – Double Trouble – Par 4

Black 348
Blue 335
White 321
Red 310

Short par 4 that is not too demanding off the tee. Your tee shot should favor the right side. For most players the bunkers you see are well out of range. The second shot with a short iron is the greatest challenge on this hole. Allow for enough club as this green is elevated. The green is hidden on your approach and very deceiving. Looks shorter than it is.

Hole 11 – Eagle Nest – Par 4

Black 338
Blue 323
White 288
Red 262

Short but tricky. Although this hole is receptive to a reasonably long tee shot it is wise to choose a fairway wood. Place your shot center or center left. This allows for a short iron approach. Ideally you want a high approach to this elevated green. Avoid over hitting this green especially on the left side. The challenge is not over. Two putting this large undulating green may be your biggest challenge on this hole.

Hole 12 – Mountainside – Par 5

Black 577
Blue 544
White 487
Red 435

Let it all out here. Tee shot over marker or slightly right of marker is good. Avoid the left rough from the tee. Second shot with fairway wood is best aimed down the left side of fairway. Your ball will move to the right when it lands and you want to avoid the water. A short approach shot is all that is left.

Hole 13 – Hyde and Seek – Par 4

Black 344
Blue 330
White 306
Red 281

Another short par 4 that calls for accuracy off the tee. Club selection off the tee is not important here. Play the left side of the fairway as the ball will roll to the right when it lands. All that will be left is a short iron approach to a friendly green.

Hole 14 – Tee with a View – Par 3

Black 237
Blue 212
White 183
Red 121

Another signature hole at Hyde Mountain. Very elevated tee where club selection is important. If weather is calm, then two less clubs are recommended. Danger lurks behind this green so do not go long.

Hole 15 – Cliffside – Par 4

Black 310
Blue 292
White 261
Red 207

This hole may look more difficult than it is. Length is important off the tee to avoid the ravine. Make sure your club selection from the tee allows for a minimum of 175 yards carry (measured from the blue tee markers). There is an optional drop area on the left side short of fairway bunker. Penalty is one shot. Once safely on the fairway a short iron is all that is required to the green.

Hole 16 – Volatile – Par 3

Black 172
Blue 139
White 108
Red 86

Your tee shot should favor the left side of pin placement as most shots when landing on the green will move to the right. Trouble areas around this green are back and right.

Hole 17 – Equalizer – Par 4

Black 349
Blue 326
White 302
Red 276

If we could choose another signature hole this would be it. Very elevated tee with a sloping landing area. Extremely long ball hitters can reach this green so beware of the safety of the group in front. Ideal landing area is right side of fairway near lone tree. Left side of fairway is played as a lateral hazard. Approach shot with short iron should be played high as this green is small. Extreme ridge runs front to back through center of green.

Hole 18 – Picturesque – Par 5

Black 590
Blue 557
White 524
Red 463

Great finishing hole. Tee shot should favor left side of fairway. Lots of room here so the driver is recommended. Caution on second shot. Fairway slopes to the right and ideal landing area is 125 yards from center of green so club selection is important. Another green where it is wise to land your ball left of pin as it will roll to the right. When you have completed this hole, check the view out. Score, what does it matter.